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Français : Comment utiliser la fonction Recherche

How to Use the Search Function

The Search function can be utilized to locate a document, specific payment, contact, discussion, email, etc, within the Client site.  The search is best performed from the Client Info view.  Searching from the Client Info view will allow for inquiries on client information, as well as its projects, discussions, shared documents, contacts, etc.  To proceed, click within the 'Search this site' field.

Search function from Client Info


If the search is performed from the Project Info view, the system will search the information stored for that specific project only (i.e., it will not search other projects, nor the client information, contacts, etc.).  To proceed, click within the 'Search this site' field.

Search Function from Project Summary 


Search for Client and/or Collaborative Sites

If you are a member of more than one ACOA Direct client site and/or collaborative site, you can use the 'Search' link from the black bar located across the page on any site (Welcome Centre, Client Site, Project Site).  You can search by the name of the client, file name, keyword, etc. The Search will provide the results of document(s), contact(s), specific payment(s), discussion(s), email(s), etc., within a site.  To proceed, click within the 'Search' option on the black bar.

Search function from Welcome Page

Reminder icon.jpg A Few Tips/Tricks


1.  You can search using a portion of a word, accompanied by an * at the end.  For example, you could search assoc* and the results could contain the word:

    • Association
    • Associate
    • Associated
    • Associé

2.  You can search for an exact phrase in double quotes, for example "sustainable fishing".

3.  You can search using AND or OR in UPPERCASE to join words together, for example:

    • Sustainable AND fishing (will locate sites with both words)
    • Sustainable OR fishing (will locate sites with either word)

4.  You can search using the name of an individual.  The system will search within the Client's Contacts but not within the Site Members on a Client Site.

Search Function - Contacts and Site Members 


5.  You can also locate a specific claim form or document uploaded to a claim package.  For example, searching for the word Marketing will give you a link to the Word document uploaded to a claim package, as well as a link to the Detailed Costs Claimed form containing a cost category with the word Marketing in the title name or within the Word document.  The system searches Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note documents, emails, etc.

 Search Function results in Claim Package


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