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Project Information - Project Summary

The system displays the following tombstone information located within your project site: 

  • Project Description – This is a brief text describing the project.
  • Status – The system displays the status of a given project. Project statuses are defined as follows:
    • Under Evaluation – Application is received at ACOA and under evaluation.
    • Project Cancelled – The project has been cancelled either by the Client or by ACOA.
    • Signed Offer Received – The client decision to accept the Offer has been entered in the ACOA database.
    • Disbursement Phase – ACOA funds are currently being disbursed to the client.
    • In Recovery – The project file has been forwarded to the ACOA Recovery Unit.
    • Repayment/Monitoring Phase – If a commercial project, the client is currently repaying funds to ACOA and if a non-commercial project, the project is no longer in the disbursement phase but monitoring is still required by ACOA.
    • Project Archived – Project is completed (i.e., all funds have been disbursed and repaid, if applicable) and has been archived.
      • Projects completed prior to December 2010 are removed from the client site 12 months after being in a completed state.
      • Projects completed after December 2010 will always remain in the client site.
  • Program – This is the program description under which ACOA funding has been approved or is under evaluation.
  • Account Manager – This is the main ACOA contact for this project.
  • Phone Number – This is the phone number of the specified Account Manager.