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Narrator: Today we are going to look at the Message Centre section of your client site within ACOA Direct.  Thank you for taking time to listen to this video as it is intended to better prepare you in understanding the use and practicality of ACOA Direct.
Onscreen shows an Internet Explorer webpage titled “Client Summary”. The narrator clicks on the “Message Centre” hyperlink located on the left-hand side toolbar of the webpage.
Narrator: This message centre provides a secure messaging environment. You are encouraged to use this tool when communicating with other site members on matters related to your projects and dealings with ACOA.
Onscreen, the narrator is circling over the “Add New Discussion” hyperlink located underneath the listed discussion links.
Narrator: Site members with ‘Edit’ and ‘Admin’ access rights can add and reply within a discussion.  Those with ‘Read’ access rights can only read the discussions (i.e., the ‘Add New Discussion’ link is not available and when clicking on ‘reply’ within a discussion, the member will receive an ‘Access Denied’ error message). 
Onscreen, the narrator clicks on the “Help” link on the page top menu.
Narrator: For further assistance in understanding the access rights, you will find them under the Help link, in the managing site members help file and attached video.  
Onscreen, the narrator returns to the “Message Centre” webpage. From here, she clicks on the “Add New Discussion" link to initiate a new discussion.
Narrator: A discussion is initiated by clicking on the “Add New Discussion” link.
Onscreen, the narrator enters a subject matter in the “ Subject” field of the discussion.   She continues by entering her message within the “Body” of the message .
Narrator: You enter a subject matter and within the body, you fill out the text of your message.
Onscreen, the narrator moves to the top of the Message Centre webpage and clicks on the “Format Text” tab.
Narrator: At the top, you will notice a ‘Format Text’ tab that provides you with the ability to change the font and to change the size. 
Onscreen, the narrator will now save the message by clicking on the Save icon located at the top of the window.
Narrator: Once you have your text completed, go back to the Edit tab and you save.
Onscreen, the narrator returns to the Message Centre webpage where she gives an overview of who initiated the message, the number of replies within the discussion and the last date and time the reply was initiated.
Narrator: Once a discussion is initiated, the system displays who initiated the discussion, and then you also have the number of replies within that discussion and the last date and time the latest reply was initiated.
Onscreen, the narrator shows how to reply to a discussion item by clicking on the subject title hypertext.
Narrator: A reply is initiated by clicking on the ‘discussion item’ and clicking on the ‘reply’ link to the far right. 
Onscreen, the narrator clicks on the “Meeting with client” discussion hypertext listed under the Subject column.
Narrator: So you would simply click on the discussion item and clicking on the reply link on the far right.
Onscreen, the narrator clicks on the Reply button on the far right of the screen. By doing this, a “New Item” reply page opens and the narrator enters her text within the body of the message. She clicks on the save button located in the bottom right corner of the page (the Message Centre webpage returns).
Narrator: Here you would proceed to respond to the message and then click save.
Within the in progress discussion, you can note the different times a reply has been posted. 
Onscreen, the narrator demonstrates all the replies by clicking on Show Quoted Messages at the bottom of the screen.
Narrator: To better view all the replies posted, go to the latest reply and click on “Show Quoted Messages” to view the history of the replies.
An instant email alert is sent to all the site members when a new discussion is added as well on every reply.
A link is provided within the email for you to access you client site via Access Key.
Onscreen the narrator clicks on the “Help” link on the page top menu.
Narrator: It is recommended you view the Navigation tips help file and video. 
Onscreen, the narrator circles over the list of help videos that are available.
Narrator: As well, you have the Client View, Project View, Submit a Package, Shared Documents, and Site Members sections are covered in separate videos for your use.  These videos are located within the various help files under the ‘Help’ link.
This concludes our session on Message Centre.  Thank you again for taking the time to listen to this video.  We trust it has been useful in addressing any questions you may have.  If required, please feel free to contact your ACOA representative for further assistance, or as well to communicate with ACOA’s Help Desk at 1-888-322-2482 during regular office hours between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Eastern Time).  Please note the Help Desk is not available on weekends or statutory and civic holidays.  Thank you.