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Instructions to Recipient - Progress and Final Payment  
1.        General
4.        Progress Report
5.        Final Payment Certificate

1.        General

1.1   To submit a claim, you must fill out the following three forms:
·    Identification and Certification
·    Detailed Costs Claimed
·    Progress Report
         Depending on your situation, other forms may be required:
·    Final Payment Certificate
·    Declaration of Overdue Amounts Owed to the Crown
·    Non-cash Costs Certification
 1.2    If your claim is incomplete, it will result in delays and may be returned to you without being processed. Please contact your Program Officer if you have any questions regarding your Contribution Agreement or the claim process, or if you need assistance completing your claim.
 1.3    Costs that are eligible for payment are detailed in your Contribution Agreement, more specifically in the Statement of Work.
 1.4    If there are pre-disbursement conditions in your Contribution Agreement, please submit proof that they have been met when submitting your first claim.
 1.5    The Agency has a March 31 fiscal year-end; if you submit claims for costs incurred in the months of March and April, you should make separate claims based on when the costs were incurred:
                 a)  prior to and including March 31; and
                 b)  from April 1 onward.
 1.6    Do not submit supporting documents unless this requirement is listed in your Contribution Agreement, or if requested by the Agency.
 1.7    Providing misleading or incorrect information constitutes an event of default pursuant to your Contribution Agreement. In such a case, the Agency, pursuant to the Agreement, has the right to suspend or terminate any obligations to contribute to the eligible costs and/or to demand the immediate and full repayment of its contribution.
 1.8    To submit your claim electronically, use ACOA Direct.  To register, please contact your Program Officer.
 1.9    You can download claim forms from ACOA's website at and submit your completed forms by mail or fax.  Note that e-mail is not a secure means by which to submit your financial information.
 2.        Identification and Certification
2.1    All sections of this mandatory form must be completed and all questions must be answered.  Please provide further details where required.
2.2    A person authorized to sign on behalf of the recipient authorized person must sign and date the certification section. If you are submitting your claim through ACOA Direct, it should be submitted by a properly authorized individual.
3.        Detailed Costs Claimed Schedule  
  3.1       Unless specified in your Contribution Agreement, you may claim eligible costs that have been incurred even though you have not yet paid the suppliers and/or employees. The maximum amount that ACOA will pay in respect of costs incurred but not yet paid by the Recipient is 50% of the approved contribution.
  3.2     Please group costs according to the Eligible Project Costs listed in the Statement of Work. For example, costs relating to Equipment should be grouped together.
  3.3        Please note that the Agency will not reimburse the HST/GST you are eligible to receive as an Input Tax Credit from the Canada Revenue Agency. Please provide the refundable HST/GST rate applicable to the costs claimed (100%; 67%; 50%; etc.).
  3.4        If you have returned any supplies previously claimed or if you have received any reimbursements, credits, rebates, volume discounts, etc. which have resulted in a reduction of the costs previously claimed, you must include this adjustment in the Detailed Costs Claimed form. This form may also be used to correct any mistakes made on a previous claim. 
4.        Progress Report
4.1.   Your Contribution Agreement may have additional reporting requirements to those detailed in the mandatory Progress Report form. Ensure that you fulfil the reporting requirements as specific in your Contribution Agreement.
5.        Final Payment Certificate
5.1.   You must complete this form when submitting your final claim. The final claim can only be submitted when the project is completed, all costs have been incurred, all costs claimed have been fully paid out, and all the terms and conditions of the Contribution Agreement have been met.
5.2    You should submit your final claim within the timeframe specified in the Contribution Agreement, usually no later than 60 calendar days after the Project Completion Date.  
6.        Declaration of Amounts Due to the Crown
 6.1     You must complete this form when you have any overdue amounts owed to the Crown. Please describe the nature of the amount(s) and the name(s) of the department(s) to which each amount is overdue.
7.       Non-cash Costs Certification
7.1      This form is used by not-for-profit entities when non-cash costs have been deemed eligible per the Contribution Agreement, which are indicated in the Statement of Work.  If you incurred these costs during this claim period, complete the form. Please provide supporting documents proving the transfer of ownership or the receipt of services and demonstrating the value of the assets or services received.