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FAQs and Navigation Tips

A video on 'Navigation Tips' has been prepared to improve your online experience in using ACOA Direct.  We encourage you to view this video.  To view the video, select a format:

IMPORTANT ICON.jpgAdditional to the video, click here for instruction on how to use the Search feature.
As well, the following 16 questions and answers provide you, the user, with valuable and practical information in understanding ACOA Direct. 
15. What date and number formats will import correctly in the Detailed Cost Claimed form from a CSV file?
16. Can I edit a document directly on ACOA Direct?
1. What are my key benefits in using ACOA Direct?
     The key benefits of ACOA Direct are:
·       Direct access for ACOA staff to your online information, including in-progress claim packages and forms, improving their ability to help you;
·       Convenient exchange of information with secure shared documents and a Message Centre;
·       Easy sign-up process for new clients;
·       Management of access rights;
·       Online help files; and,
·       Instructional videos to assist you in using the site.
·       Submission of claims made easier with the ability to submit via CSV format.
2.  What are my technical requirements for using ACOA Direct?
       Here is a list of browsers (and operating systems) you can use to access ACOA Direct:
        Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    -          Windows
       Google Chrome (latest publicly released version)
     -          Windows
        Mozilla Firefox (latest publicly released version)
     -          Windows  
        Safari (latest publicly released version)
     -          Windows  
     -          Mac OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") or higher
      In addition, your browser must support 128-bit encryption, and cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. For technical assistance, please contact ACOA’s Help Desk at 1-888-322-2482.
3.  Who do I contact if I have a question regarding ACOA Direct?
     You may either contact your Client Liaison Officer indicated in your client view, the Account Manager indicated in your Project Details view (if specific to the project and name is different from the officer at the client view) or the ACOA Client Services at 1-888-322-2482 during business hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Atlantic Time (please note that the Client Services is not available on weekends and statutory or civic holidays). 
4.  Where can I find the ACOA Direct online agreement?
       For viewing purposes, you can access the online agreement here. 
5.  If I have forgotten my UserID and/or Password for GCKey and Sign-in Partner, who do I contact?
     In the event you forget your UserID for GCKey, you can begin the process of re-enrolling your account by clicking here. Refer to this video for step-by-step instructions.  In the event you forget your Password for GCKey, you must contact GCKey directly, not ACOA. Click on this link for assistance with GCKey.  As well, this link provides you with information about GCKey.
     In the event you forget your UserID or Password for Sign-In Partner, contact your banking representative.  This link also provides you with information on Sign-In Partners. 
    6. Who do I contact if I need to change the Authorized Client Administrator (ACA)?
     Before you contact your ACOA Client Liaison Officer, the Client Authorized Signing Authority will need to complete, sign and submit the ACOA Direct Change of Authorized Client Administrator Form to ACOA. The Client Liaison Officer will contact the Authorized Signing Authority to inform them that the change of the ACA has been processed. 
   7. What if an individual is the Authorized Client Administrator (ACA) for more than one client with ACOA?
     If an individual is the Authorized Client Administrator (ACA) for more than one client with ACOA, a Client Registration Form must be completed by the Authorized Signing Authority for each ACOA client. 
8.  Can I submit a claim for any amount?
     When submitting a claim, the total amount claimed (i.e., the Total Costs Claimed amount on the claim form) cannot exceed $500,000. If the amount exceeds $500,000, you must fill out and submit a claim by mail or fax. You can find the online claim forms on ACOA's Website. 
9.  Will I receive confirmation that my submitted claim has been received?
     Once the claim package is received at ACOA, you will receive a confirmation message in the form of an email, which will indicate the following details:
  •        Package Number
  •        Project Number and Project Description
  •        Submitted Date and Time  
10.  How long is my online session active while logged on to ACOA Direct?
     Your online session will automatically time out after 8 hours (including filling in the claim form or drafting a secure message). However, in terms of security, if you leave your computer unattended, it is a good practice to log off in order to protect your secure information.
11.  What is the difference between sending a message using the Message Centre and sending an email using the contact email hyperlink?
     When you send a message using the Message Centre, your message is transmitted within a secure messaging environment. When you click on the email hyperlink for the Client Liaison Officer, Account Manager or client contact, the email is not sent via a secure line. Therefore, you are encouraged to use the Message Centre when communicating with other site members on matters related to your projects and dealings with ACOA.
12. I notice a difference between my hard copy documents and the information on ACOA Direct. Which is correct?
     In case of any discrepancy between the hard copy documents received in the mail and the information displayed on ACOA Direct, the hard copy will be considered to be correct.
13.  How current is the information that I view on ACOA Direct?
     The information displayed on your online client site is updated every evening from ACOA’s internal information management system, with the exception of the Message Center which is immediate.
14.    What is the purpose of the Archive folder?
     The 'archives' folder within the Shared Documents section is available when a document will not require further editing and is considered as final. Once a document is put in the archives folder, it can no longer be edited or deleted.
15. What date and number formats will import correctly in the Detailed Costs Claimed form from a CSV file?
 The following date formats will import correctly:
·         YYYY-MM-DD
·         YYYY/MM/DD
·         MM-DD-YYYY
·         MM/DD/YYYY
     ACOA Direct will accept plain numbers (with no formatting) or numbers in ‘currency’ format appropriate for the language of the spreadsheet:

123 456,78
123 456,78 $

For instructions on how to use a CSV file, click on this link to view the video.

16. Can I edit a document directly on ACOA Direct?

     You have the ability to edit and save a Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note document from ACOA Direct.  For instruction on how this function works, go to the Shared Documents help page.


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