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Français : Sommaire du client
Client Summary
The system displays the following tombstone information located within your client site:
Legal Name – For incorporated clients, this is the name which is legally registered with an official government registry office.  For non-incorporated clients, this is the individual name under which the client conducts the legal business.  A non-commercial client has to be incorporated.
Operating Name – This is the name by which the client is most commonly known to the public.
Location - This is the place where the client is located.
Business Number - This is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number (BN) which contains nine digits and ends with the letters 'RT', which is only applicable if the client is registered to collect HST/GST and/or is eligible for HST/GST refunds.  It is mandatory information for all agreements with ACOA.
Fiscal Year-End - This is the YYYY/MM/DD date which the client has established as the end of its fiscal year.
Business Type - This represents the type or organization (e.g., incorporated company, educational institution, non-profit organization, etc.).
Client Liaison Officer - This is the main ACOA contact.
Telephone Number - This is the Client Liaison Officer's telephone number.